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Nordic Cooperation

I was pleasantly surprised by the today’s news that Denmark and Sweden are joining their air spaces. Now in the EU there will be 27 countries and the air space will be sliced into only 26. Indeed, not a great improvement, but first of its kind. The project aims at more efficiency and cuts of spending, but at the same time sets the foundation for what can be a key element of the European Common Market and Security and Defence Policy. In this respect, several months ago the same two countries partnering with Norway, Iceland and Finland launched a project to create a joint Early warning system in North and Barents Sea, common coast guard unit, and civilian-military task force. This suggests also poling of other resources such as intelligence and strategic airlift, to which the five Nordic countries also pledged. All the elements of the plan that is to be launched later this year are at the top of the European Security Agenda and we have many examples of the need for better cooperation in them.

Nordic Cooperation

Nordic Cooperation

I cannot help but thinking that we may be witnessing the benefits that a multi-speed Europe can create for all the EU members and beyond. When the five Nordic states can cooperate at such high political and technological level, having in mind their different memberships in the EU, NATO and ESDP, then I think there is a chance for Europe. So we can only hope that the good practice can be spread to other regions and allow cutting costs and deepening partnership between the EU member states and the European regions. Cooperation and economic benefits are both beneficial for the countries and increase the economic and political power of the EU in the world -something that all the member states have interest in.

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