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Nations in Transit 2009

NATIONS IN TRANSIT 2009  is out now!

NNN Yesterday on 30 June 2009 Freedom House Europe launched its national survey that tracks the democratic development of 29 former communist countries. The comprehensive report is subtitled “The Dark Year for Democracy”. Comments are yet to follow in the international and national media. For those that have elections this year the opposition will have another internationally recognized reason to be critical. For the rest however, it is just the 20th year after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the revolution of political and civil rights. SOmeone once said that a revolution lasts for no more than 15 years. And from some of the developmnts in South Eastern Europe and Central Asia it seems that the democratic revolution may be going to a democratic reversal. You can read the full NATIONS IN TRANSIT here.

  1. Seutus
    July 2, 2009 at 13:39

    Alright, so I’m right on the edge of losing hope for my country. It is the God’s will that I was born in one of the 29 former communist countries, and I’m not quite sure that “democratic reversal” are the right words to describe the situation here. The more I’m digging in the past, the more doubtful thoughts begin to rush into my head. Was there a single minute in which our country was governed by its authorities, by its institutions? How could you possibly call that democracy? Everything is driven by the personal interest of the politicians. There are suspicious agreements between them, between them and some persons from the criminal world. Nobody cares about the law. Even the deputies of the National Assembly are speaking loudly from the tribune how they will not adhere to legal regulations which they adopted minutes ago. Are you kidding me? These things happen now 20 years no matter which the governing party is, and 45 years more before that.
    I say mental constitution. I am afraid that we need at least 2 or 3 decades more to even start the democratic development. And still I hope that I am wrong.

  2. criticae
    July 4, 2009 at 00:41

    You are right- I feel the same about the country I come from and where I do not live any more. Democracy was there only as long as people could vote for more than 1 party and there were some limited liberties and political rights. This process was not everywhere the same though. What was more or less the same is that people were not empowered to take decisions and to influence their own lives, thus leaving them in the hands of those in office and those from the underworld (often working together for the common good).

    This is the problem of quantitative studies – measuring indicators of something that is upside down, because we do not always consider the specific details. Nevertheless, I think it is quite a good point of reference. Hopefully the criticism to your country’s government will make a difference. Somewhere.

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