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UN Watch reminds how Libya was allowed a seat in the Human Rights Council

Below is an interesting post by the UN Watch who signalled the UN already a year ago to revise its decision of allowing LIbya into the Human Rights Council. It was a shameful decision and those of us involved in international affairs and democracy know it beyond any doubt. Not sure for the people in the UN who took this decision.

On another note yesterday a fax reached me:sender from Bengazi. It said that an Interim Libyan Council has been formed to represent all Libyans who struggle for freedom. ALmost all major cities were represented with the names of those coming from the Gadaffi-controlled ones left hidden. I am afraid soon we may see a fully fledged civil war. Some people compare the situation in Libya to Iraq and warn not to disband the few state institutions and security forces after Gadaffi leaves office. My contention however, is that the situation resembles more afghanistan where society is deeply tribal and weapons got in the hands of ordinary people fighting for their freedom with their own means. All this may quickly roll back the situation to a tribal divided Libya and provoke local conflicts which lied hidden under the fist of Gaddafi in the last decades.

Nine months after shamefully electing the Qaddafi regime to its Human Rights Council, the UN today reversed itself and suspended Libya’s membership. Click here for details. From the moment the Libyan regime declared its candidacy last year, UN Watch initiated the opposition to Qaddafi sitting as a world judge of human rights. Click here for chronology of UN Watch’s tireless campaign.

In September, when the Libyan regime took its seat, UN Watch launched a campaign demanding Libya’s suspension from the Geneva-based Council, becoming the first voice to do so. We were supported by 27 human rights groups, a number that surpassed 80 in our renewed NGO appeal of nine days ago. Most powerfully, to support the campaign, victims and relatives of victims showed great courage in accepting UN Watch’s invitation to challenge the Libyan regime at the council and confront their oppressor. On this day, UN Watch pays tribute to these victims — and the partner organizations which signed our appeals — by reprinting the September briefing below. The victim testimonies are worth hearing.

Tragically, the UN refused to heed their pleas, until the mass killings of last week became unbearable. Yesterday we shared these quotes from the media’s global coverage of UN Watch’s campaign. Today, UN Watch analysis was again featured at length in the Wall Street Journal, FOX News, the Malaysia Sun, Canada’s National Post, and the blog of Commentary Magazine. Minutes ago, the Vancouver Sun reported: “The election of Libya to the world’s top human rights body last May was a shameful act that bolstered Gadhafi’s regime, demoralized his victims, and stained the reputation of the United Nations,” said Montrealer Hillel Neuer, executive director of Geneva-based UN Watch, which has led a campaign by international activist groups to remove Libya from the council. ___________________

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