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Obama wins 2012 Elections

At 1:45 East Time Obama declared victory.  Four hours later the republican candidate conceded a defeat.

Here is how the map of the states look like: http://elections.nytimes.com/2012/results/president

Clearly, all toss-up states were won by the incumbent. He won with less than last time when he campaigned with the message of hope. Also, less people voted, with the difference between the two candidates around 800 000 votes.

I just listened to the speech of the “new” president – it was a very strong one: here is what he said in front of his supporters to all Americans.


We are the wealthiest nation in the world but this is not what makes us rich
We have had the strongest military in the world historically but this is not what makes us strong

Our universities are the envy of the world, but this is not what makes people come to our shores

It is what binds us together as the most diverse nation that makes us the greatest nation in the world. It is the understanding and commitment that if everybody takes their obligation to the other that makes thing work.

What makes us the greatest nation is that we are more than the sum of our individual ambitions. We will continue to be not only red and blue states but the United States!

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