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I have studied European Integration and different branches of Political Science. During my first MA degree I fell in love with security governance and the European Security & Defense Policy. Since then this has always been among the EU policies I keep an eye on.

Criticae presents different critical points of view regarding international security, environmental policy and global governance. Also, I often write about development of democracy and the party system in Bulgaria, the country I am from. Besides its analytical focus, the blog follows the main security and environmental news.  You can read my articles here.


В Criticae ще намерите също препратки към международни think tank-ове, доклади и изследвания пo проблеми на екологията и сигурността, както и интересни новости около дневния ред на ЕС.  Статиите можете да прочетете тук. Само българското съдържание е достъпно тук.



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  1. yankot
    May 12, 2009 at 19:17

    Прав си приятелю, аз съм български журналист на възрастта на баща ти, сполай ти и се пази.

  2. Sven Carlsson
    October 28, 2010 at 22:43

    I am currently preparing a radio piece on the property market in Afghanistan. Would you be available to speak on the subject, on- or off-record? Please send your contact info if so. Thank you.

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