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The safest country in the world

March 19, 2010 6 comments

No, it is not Iraq, as the US government will try to convince us after the elections there and then one more time later this year. The winner is… the UK.


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Freedom in the World 2010

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment
Earlier this month Freedom House released its findings from the latest edition of Freedom in the World, the annual survey of global political rights and civil liberties. According to the survey’s findings, 2009 marked the fourth consecutive year in which global freedom suffered a decline—the longest consecutive period of setbacks for freedom in the nearly 40-year history of the report.

21st Century (anti)Democracies

October 5, 2009 Leave a comment

psDefining democracy seems to be a hard thing to do. 20 years ago, when the Berlin Wall was still splitting Germany into two, it was easy to say what democracy was and what not.

On one hand we had total control over populations, while on the other hand were elected governments, accountability, and powerful civil societies.

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